FAQs for Current Partners

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These are the most Frequently Asked Questions from our current partners.

How fast do donations come in?

We can’t guarantee anything. But, usually, small projects (less than $100) get funded in 24-48 hours. And larger projects take more time.

How fast is the money transferred?

We transfer the funds to you the next business day after they are donated. We do NOT wait for the entire project to be funded. We understand that you are working in urgent situations where timing can be a matter of life and death. Please check your Stripe account if you have further questions about this.

Is it possible to lose my partnership?

Of course. The most important thing to us is that you maintain a high level of integrity, transparency, and professionalism. If this is not maintained, we will have to part ways, but we hope that doesn’t happen.

How can I grow my donor base on DonorSee?

Please thoroughly read the “ADVICE” tab on your DonorSee profile for a full answer to this question.

If I’m a 501c3, how do my donors get their tax-receipts?

If their profile is set up, they will get an email right after they donate. They will also be able to access their receipts at any time from their DonorSee profile.

Can I tell my friends to apply?

Yes, please! We love working with people who come highly recommended from our already approved partners.

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