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DonorSee is a video-intensive platform where you can raise money for those in need in increments of $450 or less. Our projects are small, personal, high-impact ways to help the poor. Join our fast growing team in 50+ countries!



Amy Hathaway

DonorSee has been amazing for our charity in Tanzania. We have managed to raise $30,000 over the last 15 months, enabling us to save lives and dig people out of desperate situations. We love the relationship we have with the donors and that they respond positively to our feedback. This is the way charitable giving is heading! View Amy's profile.

Amy Hathaway -
Paul Addis

Our organization has operated with no paid staff for over 15 years. Finding and maintaining donors can be challenging. Thanks to DonorSee, we've been able to reach a whole new audience. In our first six months using DonorSee we fully funded six projects averaging $400 each, and gained dozens of new supporters. DonorSee has truly expanded our reach and made us more efficient and effective at relieving poverty and suffering for those communities we serve. Not to mention that our new supporters love getting the video updates right from the people their funds benefit. View Paul's profile.

Paul Addis -
Elma Greenwood

I have always enjoyed helping people who are in need. DonorSee has given me this opportunity to do just that. Godly, generous people from all over the world have helped me raise over $34,000 to help and/or save lives of poverty-stricken folks who need our help. May God continue to bless the people of DonorSee. View Elma's profile.

Elma Greenwood -
Todd Wearn

When trying to raise money for a charitable cause, a lot of people are skeptical of where their money is going or who you is actually helping. DonorSee is revolutionizing the way donors and beneficiaries can interact, helping people to create real meaningful change, and real meaningful relationships with others from all over the world. By opening up channels of communication, transparency and direct action, DonorSee is changing the shape of aid for the better. View Todd's profile.

Todd Wearn -
Georgina Hill

DonorSee has allowed us, as an organization, to respond to the immediate needs we face in a quick and responsive way. We work with orphans and vulnerable children and are constantly facing unexpected needs. It’s totally changed the way we are able to operate and serve children! View Goergina's profile.

Georgina Hill -